Mark Price, the new Chair of BITC

HRH The Prince of Wales thanks Sir Stuart Rose for his leadership during his time as Chairman of BITC: “thank you Sir Stuart Rose for all you have done for BITC. The skills you acquired at M&S…. you have brought to BITC. I would like to thank (him) most warmly for everything he has done….”

HRH: “In Mark Price I believe BITC has a truly worthy successor”

Please welcome… the new chairman, Mark Price.

Mark Price (Waitrose): “I feel privileged to be the new chairman … it is a testament (to Sir Stuart Rose) to have HRH Prince of Wales and the Prime Minister here today”.

Mark Price talks about Waitrose’s commitment to letting staff develop their skills and interests, and to do the right thing… and achieving a true sense of well being

Mark Price: “wellbeing and happiness is not measured by economic wellbeing alone but by quality of life…. (To the PM): I welcome your support for businesses”.

Mark Price: “partnership must be our watch word”

Mark quotes an African proverb: “if you want to travel fast, travel alone, if you want to travel far, travel together.”

I am looking forward to continuing the journey… with BITC.

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