Towards a Digital Future

Follow this page for live amplification of the NIACE fifth annual Media Literacy conference as it happens:


Audio, video, photo and text content can be found below. If you are using social media tools to report on the day remember the event hashtag is #digifuture.

This event is organised by NIACE and Ofcom.

If you are using social media tools to report on the day remember the hashtags are:

#digitalfuture, #digitalfuture, #digifutures

Great Big Photo Gallery from Digital Future!

by warriorgrrl, 19/11/09 4:49pm
Accessible here.

Case Study – The Museums Libraries and Archives’ and Media

by hnicklin, 19/11/09 1:36pm

Case Study – Using Digital Film in the Community

by hnicklin, 19/11/09 1:32pm

Case Study 1 – Prison radio: Engaging a Captive Audience

by hnicklin, 19/11/09 1:25pm

Liveblog – 4 – Digital Inclusion and Participation

by hnicklin, 19/11/09 12:23pm

Liveblog – 3 – Digital Life Skills

by hnicklin, 19/11/09 12:07pm

Liveblog – Keynote 2 – The benefits of digital inclusion

by hnicklin, 19/11/09 11:49am

Live Blog – Keynote 1: The three pillars of digital participation

by hnicklin, 19/11/09 11:45am

#digifuture Live Blog

by hnicklin, 19/11/09 11:28am

Background to the Digital Future event from NIACE

by AmandaGore, 17/11/09 12:18pm
Over the summer, a French court ruled that internet access is a basic human right. Gordon Brown has said it is as crucial for people as electricity and water. Yet 61% of those aged 65 and over don’t use the internet, 59% don’t have the internet at home. 9% of the population – some four [...]