C4CC Launch Event – 21st June

The Centre for Creative Collaboration is an initiative of the University of London working in collaboration with the Central School of Speech and Drama, Goldsmiths University of London and Royal Holloway University of London.

The Centre supports new types of collaboration using the principles of open innovation. This is a groundbreaking project for London delivering collaborative projects and multi-disciplinary working in an attractive and flexible space.

The project is also supported by the Higher Education Funding Council for England and by the London Development Agency.

The C4CC has invited Amplified Networks to ‘Amplify’ the formal launch of the centre.

The event will attract 80 key stakeholders from the above organisations and other relevant contacts. The aim of the event is to formally launch the C4CC, by sharing plans and ideas for the future, showcasing the work the centre has already been involved in, and presenting the physical space at 16 Acton Street.

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by Steve Lawson, 22/06/10 5:39pm
Whether the Chinese saying “may you live in interesting times” was meant as a curse or a proverb, we certainly find ourselves in interesting times. So interesting in fact, that, as Toby Moores, CEO of Sleepydog and convener of Amplified is want to say “The Future’s Too Complex To Go It Alone.” Which makes now the [...] read more
by quitexander, 21/06/10 11:41pm
Later, @benjaminellis walked through once more, just to give you a flavour of the place. Please see the video below! read more
by quitexander, 21/06/10 11:37pm
We have put together responses to the set of FAQ that we've found people have when first they encounter c4cc and start to ask questions; e-mail info[at]creativecollaboration.org.uk for further information and clarification. What is the Centre for Creative Collaboration? The Centre for Creative Collaboration is a new initiative in collaboration for London. It’s a pilot project and a prototype for a bigger idea. We are bringing together leading and innovative researchers from London’s universities and colleges, creative industry practitioners and freelancers, SMEs and students. read more
by quitexander, 21/06/10 11:32pm
read more
by quitexander, 21/06/10 11:24pm
read more
by quitexander, 21/06/10 11:20pm
read more
by quitexander, 21/06/10 6:36pm
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Amplified’s Mission at the C4CC Launch

by quitexander, 18/06/10 12:35pm
The mission for Amplified with respect to this event is to raise awareness of the Centre for Creative Collaboration. Content from across the web and from all kinds of media will be pulled together here On the day of the launch event, Amplified will conduct and capture interviews with speakers and guests and document the [...]

C4CC – a space for collaboration

by quitexander, 18/06/10 12:27pm
A neutral place where people from many different backgrounds – universities, large corporates, SMEs, freelancers – can work together on new things in the belief that real innovation happens at the edge and in the gaps between disciplines. The Centre for Creative Collaboration is an initiative of the University of London working in collaboration with; [...]
by quitexander, 18/06/10 12:24pm
Mick Grierson is Co-Director of the Masters in Fine Art – Computational Studio Arts, BSE program in Creative Computing at Goldsmiths College in London. He’s also very interesting indeed. Here’s an audioboo from my chat with him this morning about the Centre For Creative Collaboration Website: Listen! Goldsmiths are an ideal early partner in the [...] read more