Freeing up potential: The PCG Freelance Lecture

Freeing up potential: The PCG Freelance Lecture
The future is freelance: how to plan for it

Does it feel like the rules of work are changing?

Well, apparently they are. And in many ways, freelancers are taking centre stage. So the question is, how can you anticipate and benefit from these changes?

Taking place at London’s prestigious , this unique event will provide a focal point for National Freelancers Day 2010.
“Freeing up Potential” will provide a theme for the lecture and the emphasis will be:
How socio-economic trends are reshaping the notion of business
What it will mean for the workforce
Why freelancers are playing a more pivotal role
How to position yourself as a freelancer within this new reality

The lecture will be followed by comments from an expert panel who will continue the debate and engage with the audience via questions from the floor.

The freelance Lecturer
The inaugural Freelance Lecture will be delivered by Dr James Bellini, leading futurologist, broadcaster and, of course, freelancer.

For National Freelancers Day 2009, we interviewed Dr James Bellini on changes in the workplace. His views on how we were “in the middle of the biggest change since the industrial revolution” captured the imagination of many. Following this, it was a natural choice for Dr Bellini to deliver our inaugural Freelance Lecture on 23rd November 2010, to explore the themes in more detail.

Dr James Bellini is a respected futurologist focusing on socio-economic trends up to 2025. After an early academic career James joined the US futurology ‘think tank’, the Hudson Institute, as its first British member. He later moved to the BBC to present The Money Programme, Newsnight and Panorama. He has written or co-authored eight books and published ‘Brand You’, which examines how individuals can shape their own commercial identity. James works as an independent consultant and is currently Director of Content at  The Talent Foundation, a cyber-clubhouse for individuals and businesses to discuss issues affecting talent management in the future

Our Host
One of the UK’s most talented broadcasters Sue Lawley is to host the  Lecture.  Ms Lawley has always been a freelance journalist, first in newspapers and then at the BBC where she is best known as the anchor of the nation’s main news bulletins. For eighteen years she was the voice of Radio 4’s ‘Desert Island Discs’ and for the past ten years she has chaired the BBC’s prestigious ‘Reith Lectures’

Panel Members
Joining Dr Bellini and PCG’s MD John Brazier for the panel debate will be Damian Reece, Business Editor for the Telegraph, whose column provides a punchy and compelling commentary on the key business and economic issues of the day.

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Live stream of The Freelance Lecture 2010

by quitexander, 23/11/10 7:45pm
You'll find a live stream of the talk here from 7pm, 23rd November 2010
by quitexander, 23/11/10 4:20pm
In the run up to National Freelancers Day, PCG ran a series of events from Aberdeen to Brighton, giving freelancers the chance to brainstorm career-building challenges. read more
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National Freelancers Day is a must for your diary, so get Tuesday 23rd November circled on the calendar. Organised by PCG, the voice of freelancing, it is a day for the freelance community to reflect on our contribution to the economic well-being of the nation. Find much more on their site, here. Freeing up potential [...] read more

Panel Members for the PCG Freelance Lecture

by quitexander, 19/11/10 10:52pm
Joining Dr Bellini for the panel debate will be: Baroness Liddell of Coatdyke: Helen Liddell was made a life peer earlier this year. A former BBC economics journalist, Helen entered Parliament when she won Monklands East in 1994 in a by-election following the death of the then Labour Leader John Smith. During her spell at [...]
by quitexander, 19/11/10 10:45pm
Photos from Freeing up potential: The PCG Freelance Lecture. Hosted on Flickr, click through to see slideshow and photographers details. read more

Who are PCG?

by quitexander, 19/11/10 10:36pm
PCG is an independent not-for-profit professional association. Our mission is representing, supporting and promoting the freelance community, with specific attention to the needs of those freelancers who are members of PCG. We aim to be the ultimate authority on the issues that affect the freelance community and strive for freelancing to be valued and respected [...]