Mobile Volunteering with Orange

Through the first large-scale project Orange Logoof its kind in the UK, Orange is aiming to uncover the true potential of Mobile Volunteering.

This has the potential to radically change how people “give back” in their spare time through convenient, snack-size volunteering using mobile technology. Mobile phone users will able to give up small parcels of their time for good anywhere, anytime.

Through this new movement, Orange wants to generate hundreds of thousands of extra hours of volunteering in the UK each year, making a positive impact on society. To kick start this, Orange has brought together an online community of social entrepreneurs, charities and developers, to build and develop new innovative ideas for Orange’s flagship mobile volunteering app.

Orange’s open innovation platform at is a new professional community where great ideas and productive new relationships are flourishing. Charities and social entrepreneurs can get help in the development of their ideas for mobile volunteering. Developers can learn about apps in demand and find partners for apps they are building. The community has been going 2 weeks and already has about 500 members and 100 ideas!

If you are using social media tools to report on the day remember the hashtag is:


The future’s bright – the future’s microvolunteering: Rob Dyson

by quitexander, 20/08/10 2:49pm
A blog post about last nights launch from Rob Dyson where he highlighted the things from last night that have excited and inspired him; …I am excited in principle about the idea. At first it wasn’t clear whether the best ideas currently being crowdsourced through the focus-point website would be developed as stand alone apps [...]

Mobile Volunteering – will it work?

by briancondon, 20/08/10 12:45pm
There was a definite buzz as the Q&A finished and the conversations around the room began. About 50 people; mostly from the Third Sector, some social entrepreneurs; a few developers, who had heard the more formal presentations that introduced the concept of Mobile Volunteering. From the discussions and conversations I heard (and you can get [...]

Hannah Wright from VLabsBlog on the possibilities for the sector

by quitexander, 20/08/10 12:38pm
There’s an interesting take on the Orange Mobile Volunteering launch up at VLabsBlog, a website specifically about innovation in volunteering across the UK. They recognise the huge value of this idea and think that there are positive signs ahead that it could have a powerful impact on the volunteering landscape; The question for me has [...]

A response to the Orange Mobile Volunteering launch

by quitexander, 20/08/10 12:29pm
Founder of i-Volunteer, Jamie T attended last night’s launch event and has post about it here. As someone in the charity sector, he has an interesting take on the launch event. As anticipated, the event was buzzing and chock full of software developers and digital marketing agencies, with a smattering of forward thinking voluntary sector [...]
by Benjamin, 20/08/10 12:20pm
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How it works – Volunteering on the go

by quitexander, 19/08/10 7:25pm
Next time you're waiting at a bus stop, imagine what help people in the queue could give in less than five minutes of their time.They could be photo-tagging wildlife, mapping green urban spaces, making an audio map for the blind or filling in a research survey.
by briancondon, 19/08/10 6:27pm
Brian Condon talks to Jogesh Limbani at Orange Mobile Volunteering read more

Launching Orange Mobile Volunteering

by quitexander, 19/08/10 3:44pm
This is the official launch event to bring the Founder Community (a professional online community of third sector organisations, social entrepreneurs and app developers, who are  helping Orange to develop their mobile volunteering app) together for the first time to hear more about the project, Orange’s ambitions for it and, importantly, network together and build [...]