Work Inspiration – One Year On

On the 15th September we celebrate the success of the Work Inspiration campaign 12 months on.

Business in The Community are hosting an event at the BT Tower which will give us an opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved over the year and allow us to celebrate and understand the impact of the campaign across businesses, schools and policy.  It is also a platform for business professionals, students, practitioners and teachers to inform us about the impact the campaign has had on them, as well as what they are doing to ensure they continue to play the vital role in addressing the challenges we face to turn work experience into Work Inspiration.

In addition, we will outline how we plan to sustain and grow the campaign in 2011 and once again renew the call-to-action to all UK businesses to support the campaign to help ensure we better prepare all young people for the world of work.

If you are using social media tools to report on the day remember the hashtag is:

by quitexander, 17/09/10 6:32pm
Kate spoke to M&S Chief Executive Sir Stuart Rose at the Business in the Community event and he explained that getting people involved in developing the work experience programmes withing businesses can be inspiring for the staff as well as the students that do them. read more
by Steve Lawson, 16/09/10 9:18pm
It’s a classic pub-conversation amongst 30-somethings: where did you do your work experience? The answers are often simultaneously hilarious and depressing. Filing, vegetable chopping, floor-cleaning, violin-polishing… menial tasks supposed to give us some ‘insight’ into the world of work. So when Business In The Community launched their ‘Work Experience to Work Inspiration’ initiative last year, [...] read more

Inspiring Work Experience Stories

by quitexander, 15/09/10 9:42am
There is a great (and inspiring) selection of blog posts from recent participants in the Work Inspiration scheme, over here run by Wexo;  ”a matchmaking network for those offering or requiring work experience, internships and jobs.” If I can offer you one piece of advice it is this: Don’t settle for something that doesn’t make you happy. [...]

About Work Inspiration

by quitexander, 14/09/10 11:33pm
Work Inspiration is a UK wide campaign led by Business In The Community mobilising businesses to turn Work Experience into Work Inspiration, to bridge the gap between the classroom and the world of work. Prior to launching the campaign, BITC spent 18 months researching senior business leaders’ ideas on how to tackle the skills and [...]
by quitexander, 09/09/10 11:18pm
Video from Work Inspiration which examines how quickly the world is changing and how important talent, skills and creativity are in today's marketplace. read more
by quitexander, 09/09/10 11:16pm
read more

The Work Inspiration project

by quitexander, 09/09/10 4:38pm
Work Inspiration – is a UK wide, employer-led campaign to transform work experience into Work Inspiration. This first experience of the world of work can have a profound effect on young people – for better or worse, and employers of all sizes and sectors, public and private, are determined to improve both the quality and [...]