Bletchley Park Reunion 2010

World War Two veterans accompanied by friends and family returned to Bletchley Park this weekend for a very special Enigma Reunion, which celebrated the 71st anniversary of the arrival of the original codebreakers in 1939.

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An update on the bombe and its story from John Harper

by quitexander, 07/09/10 12:18pm
The bombe’s were a key part of the code breaking effort. The machine here has received it’s phoenix badge (originally chosen by the WRENs), John’s also delighted that the Mechanical Engineers Institute saw fit to gave an award to the reconstructed machine this year. Steven Fry came to visit, as did the Antiques Road Show, [...]

A great quote from the reunion day

by quitexander, 05/09/10 2:25pm
“Those people who worked at Bletchley Park could be thought of as a living jigsaw. Each piece dependent on those around it” Chris Hicken, Bletchley Park Padre.
by quitexander, 05/09/10 1:59pm
Simon, Greenish the Director of Bletchley Park, kicked off the day with an update on progress over the last year here at Bletchley. This year has been quite a year. GCHQ has got the government to recognise the people who worked here during the war, with the foreign secretary giving out medals to some of the veterans... read more

Donate to Bletchley Park

by quitexander, 05/09/10 1:09pm
The Bletchley Park Trust is aiming to preserve the core heritage of the site and to build on the work of the wartime pioneers through education and technology innovation. The Trust does not receive any public funding and therefore is dependent on money generated from donations or any additional on-site or off-site activities such as [...]
by Benjamin, 05/09/10 12:39pm
Live video from The Bletchley Park Reunion 2010. Click menu to see previous videos from throughout the day. read more
by quitexander, 05/09/10 12:03pm
Tony Sale led the team that reconstructed a Colossus Mark 2 computer, which was completed in 2007 at Bletchley Park, near Milton Keynes, UK. Here he is seen describing how Colossus was used and a little about the rebuild. read more
by quitexander, 05/09/10 11:59am
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