IBM Summit at Start UK

The IBM Summit at Start - 8th-16th September

IBM has been invited to lead a Sustainable business Summit in London. This event will illustrate the challenges we face and provide an inspiring new starting point from which to build a smarter and more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable future. This Summit, which will run for 9 days, will be an exclusive opportunity for leaders in business and government, academics and subject matter experts to gather behind closed doors to work towards a set of actionable recommendations for business in the UK

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You’ll find each day of the conference has its own page and hashtag along with all the aggregated content from the event collected in one place. Click on any day below to be taken to its page.

Day 1 – Cities for a sustainable future
Day 2 – Energy for a sustainable future
Day 3 – Transport for a sustainable future
Day 4 – People and skills for a sustainable future
Day 5 – Start young for a sustainable future
Day 6 – Supply chains for a sustainable future
Day 7 – Finance and sustainability
Day 8 – Analytics and sustainability
Day 9 – Business for a sustainable future

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LJ Rich interviewed at the IBM Summit at Start UK

by quitexander, 16/09/10 12:18pm
Musician and broadcaster LJ Rich talks about her day at the IBM Start Summit and the importance of sustainability and context.
Last year, more transistors were produced - and at a lower cost - than grains of rice
by quitexander, 15/09/10 3:29pm
During his welcome and introduction to “Smarter Analytics for a Sustainable Future”, Stephen Leonard of IBM produced a statistic - he said that for a while now, we’ve been producing more transistors globally each year than we do grains of rice.  He said that he didn’t where the research came from.  I was liveblogging the session and I did a quick search on the Web to see whether I could find out the origin of this statistic.  The stat seemed to me to have an impact on the the room - obviously many people hadn’t thought of it in those terms.  But what does it mean as a comparison? read more
by quitexander, 14/09/10 6:39pm
read more
by quitexander, 12/09/10 4:55pm
Interviews from day 5 of the IBM Summit at Start UK 2010 read more

Emma Harrison CBE, Entrepreneur and Chair, A4E (Action for Employment)

by Lucy, 12/09/10 3:38pm
What is sustainability? it means nothing to the people out there – Emma suggests that we change the word! “It helps people find jobs” would be more effective. Every decision you make ask yourself: is it going to improve the lives of people? If it won’t – then don’t do it! In the ‘Who Knows [...]
by quitexander, 11/09/10 5:40pm
Interviews from day 4 of the IBM Summit at Start UK 2010. read more
by quitexander, 11/09/10 9:29am
IBM’s Graham Wright talking about People & Skills day at the IBM at Start UK summit read more
by quitexander, 11/09/10 9:07am
The IBM Summit at Start - Nick Welsh's Video Diary, updated (more than) daily! read more
by quitexander, 10/09/10 4:39pm
Audio interviews from day 3 of the IBM Summit at Start. read more
by quitexander, 09/09/10 4:36pm
The audio interviews from day 2 of the IBM Summit at Start UK 2010. read more

Afternoon Panel Session: Day 1 (sustainable cities)

by Lucy, 08/09/10 5:31pm
Panel: Geoff Mulgan – Director, Young Foundation Hamish McRae Tony Juniper Sarah Mukherjee (Chair) Wayne Hemingway MBE Chris Murray Nigel Hugill A panel discussion on sustainable cities Is aspiration inevitably linked to a higher carbon footprint? Rapid growth: People coming from rural areas to cities increase the demand for energy and resources to match that [...]

The Summit At Start – Todd Watson

by quitexander, 08/09/10 4:41pm
Imagine your city or town transforming itself before your very eyes. Imagine several years down the road that your city’s power systems are increasingly green, dependent more on renewable energy sources and less on carbon-based fuels. Imagine that you’re able, almost by involuntary response, to reroute your electric car or moped around any traffic jams [...]
by quitexander, 08/09/10 4:31pm
The Audioboo interviews from Day 1 of the IBM Summit at Start 2010. read more

Geoff Mulgan, the Young Foundation, on Community

by Lucy, 08/09/10 3:33pm
Geoff Mulgan, Director, the Young Foundation: what is Community? It is village greens, libraries, facebook… Research shows that to attain Happiness we would like to work less, commute less, spend more time with friends and family. Where are new communities being built and what is the thinking going in to them? In terms of cities [...]

Hamish McRae, The Independent, on the Economy

by Lucy, 08/09/10 3:31pm
Hamish McRae, Associate Editor, The Independent: there has been a huge shift from rural to urban around the world. This could be the tipping point. Why do we all cluster in London? because you can do an awful lot here. Hamish is going to talk about 3 cities. What do cities in the developed world [...]

George Clarke, talking about ‘sense of PLACE’.

by Lucy, 08/09/10 3:28pm
George Clarke, Architect, TV producer (The Home Show – Restoration Man) and Patron of the Civic Trust Awards: talking about ‘sense of PLACE’. What is a sense of place? Psychologically powerful, a sense of safety and comfort. Like ‘home’. Looking at spaces in your environment. What has happened in terms of urban development? Leave the [...]

Nine-day summit on sustainability begins

by quitexander, 08/09/10 12:39pm
Great summary of morning keynotes on the Reuters microsite - Opening a 9-day sustainability summit in London, Stephen Leonard of IBM said that after a decade of debate on the issue of sustainability, the next decade must be about decisions. We live in a world where we’re being challenged to do more with less, said [...]
by quitexander, 08/09/10 10:37am
Fraser Davidson, IBM Executive Sponsor of the Smarter Cities day at the IBM Summit at Start, introduces the day, the key themes and guest speakers who will be attending. read more
by quitexander, 07/09/10 5:39pm
read more

Day 1: Smarter cities for a sustainable future

by quitexander, 07/09/10 4:59pm
Today’s aims are to ‘Start’ an on going dialogue between civically minded city leaders and stake holders who want a part in shaping the future of our cities towards a sustainable future. Together we can develop a coordinated approach to what’s required to prepare our cities for the 22nd century. Discuss and collaborate with other [...]