Vision 2020 – Leicester

VISION2020 Leicester – Ideas for the future

Wednesday 13 October 2010 at Phoenix Square Film and Digital Media Centre in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter.

Be part of a BIG discussion that predicts how innovations could influence business, social and family life in the future.

This is an event for creative businesses, thinkers, and practitioners to come together and imagine Leicester ten years from now.

It will be a day of inspirational speakers, networking, presentations and unconference focused around innovation, creative technologies and sustainability. Challenging traditional ways of thinking and working, this is your chance to participate in generating new ideas that will help you to future proof your business – think like a futurist and get a head start on your competitors.

Together we’ll create our vision for 2020.

If you are using social media tools to report on the day remember the hashtag is:

by quitexander, 13/10/10 5:18pm
Video of the Unconference Sessions at Vision2020 in Leicester read more
by Steve Lawson, 13/10/10 2:03pm
Here at Vision2020 in Leicester, there’s a real conversational buzz about innovation in the next 10 years. The focus of the day is look forward 10 years, for a future vision of Leicester’s development. Technology will clearly be a huge part of this, but some people – particularly those over about 35 – are introducing [...] read more

Nicole Epton Interviews Prof Sue Thomas About Vision2020 Leicester

by quitexander, 13/10/10 1:41pm
Leicester Wave Reporter Nicole Epton interviews Professor Sue Thomas of Leicester De Montfort University about the Vision 2020 Leicester Conference taking place at Phoenix Square in Leicester on Wednesday October 13 2010.
by quitexander, 13/10/10 12:50pm
A 'walkthrough' at the Phoenix Media Centre - to give you a flavour of the buzz at the event lots of animated conversations about the future vision for Leicester. read more

A little about the organisers of Vision 2020 Leicester

by quitexander, 12/10/10 7:39pm
The organisers of this event have a shared but diverse set of interests in working together to develop a Vision for 2020 for Leicester and Leicestershire. We thought you would like to know more about our organisations and the collaboration that has lead to us bringing you this event. Our aim is to: Create a [...]
by quitexander, 12/10/10 7:32pm
Vision2020 features inspirational presenters from international, regional and local perspectives. Keynotes John Thackara – How to make less, more A green, restorative and steady-state economy is not a future vision – it already exists, at least in embryo. Social innovation is all around us in a million grassroots projects. Connected citizens, and new kinds of [...] read more

We must beware the rise of the machines

by quitexander, 08/10/10 4:38pm
Human skill and talent will be the most prized qualities in the world of work in the future, predicts lawyer John Stobart. He says computer-based technology is now doing to the professions what production lines and robots did to manufacturing, replacing human workers with automated processes. “People need to identify their distinctive skills and talents if [...]

Vision 2020 – Leicester: Event Overview

by quitexander, 01/10/10 6:16pm
We aim for you to be inspired by thought leaders in technologies, sustainability, business and the arts. You will discuss ideas with fellow participants that may challenge the way you do business today. We want you to leave the day invigorated and armed with new understandings of the future, potential opportunities and how challenges may [...]
by quitexander, 01/10/10 6:12pm
Photos from Vision 2020 - Leicester. read more